We wish to thank the following for their contribution to the success of
this conference: European Office of Aerospace Research and Development,
Air Force Office of Scientific Research, United States Air Force
Research Laboratory


1 - A.V. Korabelnikov, A.L. Kuranov (Hypersonic Systems Research Institute of the Leninetz Holding Company, St. Petersburg)
HSRI Works in the Domain of Thermal Protection and Fuel Transformation. Accomplishments and Prospects    8

2 - B.V. Farmakovskiy, T.S. Vinogradova (CSRI «Promethee», St. Petersburg), A.V. Koravelnikov, A.L. Kuranov (Hypersonic Systems Research Institute of the Leninetz Holding Company, St. Petersburg)
Development and Investigation of Catalytic Nanomaterials with Amorphous and Microcrystalline Structure for Steam Hydrocarbon Conversion    9

3 - Е.А. Vlasov, N.V. Maltseva, A.Yu. Postnov, A.N. Prokopenko (Saint-Petersburg State Technological Institute)
Suspension Method of Synthesis for the Catalysts of Steam Hydrocarbon Reforming    10

4 - S. Leonov, D. Yarantsev (IVTAN, Moscow), A. Napartovich, I. Kochetov (TRINITI, Moscow)
Plasma-Chemical Reforming of Hydrocarbon Fuel Inflow    11

5 - A.V. Korabelnikov, A.L. Kuranov, A.V. Fedotov (Hypersonic Systems Research Institute of the Leninetz Holding Company, St. Petersburg)
Numerical Simulation of the Planar TCR with Two Walls of the Finite Thickness    13

6 - Ye.A. Meshcheryakov, A.F. Chevagin, V.P. Starukhin (TsAGI, Moscow)
Computational analysis of the characteristics of a high-speed straight flow two-mode combustion chamber operating on hydrocarbon fuel in the oxygen conversion regime    14

7 - O.V. Voloshchenko, S.A. Zosimov, A.A. Nikolaev, V.N. Ostras, V.N. Sermanov, A.F. Chevagin (TsAGI, Moscow)
Investigation of the working process in a high-speed straight-flow combustion chamber with thermochemical preparation of hydrocarbon fuel    15

8 - A.L. Kuranov (Hypersonic Systems Research Institute Holding company “Leninetz” , St-Petersburg), A.A. Kudryavtsev, E.A. Bogdanov (St-Petersburg state university), V.L. Bychkov, A.Yu. Lomteva (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow state university)
Basic research of air-hydrocarbon mixture ionization processes for optimization of ignition in combustion chambers at application of gas discharges    16

9 - A. Klimov, V. Bitiurin, I. Moralev, B. Tolkunov (Institute for High Temperature RAS, Moscow), A. Nikitin, A. Velichko (Institute of Physics and Chemistry RAS, Moscow), Yu. Lebedev, I. Bilera (Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis RAS, Moscow)
Non-Premixed Plasma-Assisted Combustion in High-Speed Airflow    17

10 - V. Kochetov, S. B. Leonov (IVTAN, Moscow), А. P. Napartovich (TRINITI, Moscow)
Numerical evaluations of plasma ignition in supersonic flow of mixtures of hydrogen or ethylene with air    19

11 - A.F. Aleksandrov, A.P. Ershov, S.A.Kamenshikov, E.B. Kolesnikov, A.A. Logunov, V.A. Chernikov, V.M. Shibkov (Physical department M.V. Lomonosov MSU, Moscow)
On a possibility of pulsed plasma jet application to ignition of propane-air mixture    21

12 - V.Yu. Velikodnyi, V.P. Vorotilin, A.V. Eremeev, L.KК. Nikitenko Yu.G. Yanovskii (Institute of applied mechanics RAS, Moscow), A.F. Aleksandrov, V.L. Bychkov, I.B. Timofeev , V.A. Chernikov, (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow state university), D. VanWie (The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)
Experimental and theoretical investigation of “activated porous fuel” ignition processes    22

13 - Yu.L. Serov (Ioffe Institute RAS, St.-Petersburg)
Plasma detonation at supersonic movement in gas-plasma medium    23

14 - S.V.Bobashev, A.V.Erofeev, T.A.Lapushkina, S.A.Poniaev, R.V.Vasil’eva, B.G.Zhukov (Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute Russian Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg)
Gas discharge air plasma in supersonic MHD channel    25

15 - E.G. Sheikin (Hypersonic Systems Research Institute Holding company “Leninetz” , St-Petersburg)
Calculation of Conductivity Sustained by Electron Beam in MHD Flow Control Applications    26

16 - V.A. Bityurin, A.N. Bocharov, D.S. Baranov (IVTAN, Moscow), A.V. Krasilnikov, Yu.A. Plastinin (TsNIIMash, Korolev, Moscow region)
MHD Flow Control    27

17 - Doyle Knight and Hong Yan (The State University of New Jersey, Piscataway, NJ), Taylor Swanson, Greg Elliott, and Nick Glumac (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL)
Interaction of Pulsed Energy Deposition with a Normal Shock: Experimental and Computational Investigation    28

18 - Yu. Kolesnichenko, D. Khmara (Institute of High Temperatures RAS, Moscow), Doyle Knight (Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ)
A Kinetic Model of Microwave Energy Deposition in Air    30

19 - Kirill V. Khodataev (UFSF “Moscow Radiotechnical Institute of RAS”, Moscow)
Weak detonation wave ignition and sustaining in over CJ-speed flow by means of undercritical microwave discharge    32

20 - Datta Gaitonde, Miguel Visbal, and Subrata Roy
Control of Flow Past a Wing Section with Plasma-based Boby Forces    33

21 - V.A. Lashkov, I.Ch. Mashek, Yu.I. Anisimov, V.I. Ivanov (St-Petersburg State University), Yu.F. Kolesnichenko (Institute of High Temperatures RAS, Moscow), O.A. Azarova (Computing Centre of Russia Academy of Sciences, Moscow)
Combination of Gas Injection and MW Discharge for Drag Reduction under Supersonic Flight    34

22 - V.M.Shibkov, A.D.Abramova, A.F.Aleksandrov, V.A.Chernikov, A.P.Ershov, A.A..Karachev, R.S.Konstantinovskij, L.V.Shibkova, V.V.Zlobin (Physical Faculty of the Moscow State University)
Microwave Discharges in High-Speed Flow: Fundamentals and Application    35

23 - V.A Sakharov, N.P. Mende, S.V. Bobashev (A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Saint-Petersburg) D. M. Van Wie (Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A)
An Electromagnetic Facility for Producing an Impact on a Supersonic Flow about a Body of Revolution    36

24 - Yu. Kolesnichenko, D. Khmara (Institute of High Temperatures RAS, Moscow)
Kinetic Modeling of MW Field Interaction with Decaying Laser Spark in Air    37

25 - I.I. Lipatov (TsAGI, Zhukovsky-3, Moscow region)
Asymptotical models of boundary layer flow control    38

26 - I.I..Esakov (FSUE «Moscow radiotechnical institute RAS»), V.L.Bychkov, L.P.Grachev, K.V.Khodataev (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow state university)
Features of microwave streamer discharge in air at its different humidity and at presence of water aerosol    39

27 - N.A. Gerasimov, V.S. Sukhomlinov, S.V. Sukhomlinov (St-Petersburg State University), V.V. Kuchinskiy (Hypersonic Systems Research Institute of the Leninetz Holding Company, St. Petersburg)
Shock Wave Propagation in the Medium with the Rayleigh Mechanism of Energy Release    40

28 - Jonathan Poggie (Air Force Research Laboratory)
DC Glow Discharges: A Computational Study for Flow Control Applications    41

29 - Alexander V. Likhanskii, Mikhail N. Shneider, Sergey O. Macheret, and Richard B. Miles (Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey)
Numerical Modeling of Plasma Actuator    42

30 - I.Ch. Mashek, V.A. Lashkov, Yu.I. Anisimov (St-Petersburg State University)Yu.F. Kolesnichenko (Institute of High Temperatures RAS, Moscow)
Hypersonic Plasma Jets Generated by Quasi-Stationary Magneto – Plasma Compressor and Their Applications for Applied Plasma dynamics    43

Authors Post Papers

1 - V. Brovkin, Yu. Kolesnichenko, D. Khmara, (IHT RAS, Moscow), I. Mashek, V. Lashkov (St.-Petersburg State University)
Investigation of laser-induced microwave discharge in air    44

2 - Е.А. Vlasov, A.Yu. Postnov, A.N. Prokopenko (Saint-Petersburg State Technological Institute), A.V. Korabelnikov, A.L. Kuranov (Hypersonic Systems Research Institute of the Leninetz Holding Company, St. Petersburg)
The Problems of Catalysis at Hydrogen Production    45

3 - A.S. Petrachenkova, D.N. Kotov, E.I. Lavrinets, A.Yu. Postnov (Saint-Petersburg State Technological Institute)
Thermodynamic Justification of the Feedstock Selection for the Fuel Elements    46

4 - Yu. Kolesnichenko, D. Khmara (Institute of High Temperatures RAS, Moscow)
Software package for kinetic and spectra emission modeling of gas discharge plasma    47