The International Liaison Group on MHD Electric Power Generation (ILG-MHD) is a collaborative technical committee of international membership with the mission statement of fostering advances in the development of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) science and technology.

The ILG-MHD was formalized in the 1960ís and is the oldest international organization that is devoted to this noble task. The groupís membership consists of key scientists and engineers from around the world who labor in the disciplines of MHD and high temperature technologies. This membership has included representatives from Australia, Bosnia-Hertzego, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The principal activity of the ILG-MHD centers on that of providing an international forum for the presentation, publication anddissemination of the latest development and advances in MHD science and technology. This forum is cast in the framework of an international technical meeting entitled, ďInternational Conference on Magnetohydrodynamics Electric Power Generation and High Temperature Technologies.Ē This conference is held periodically every two or three years and is hosted around the world by ILG-MHD member countries.  To-date, fourteen International Conferences have been initiated, planned and concluded by the ILG-MHD with co-sponsorship from major technical societies, industry and institutions of the world technical community. 

In addition to initiating and co-sponsoring the International Conference, the ILG-MHD provides peer review on current MHD developments through its status report on the latest advances in MHD science and technology.The status report is assembled and drafted by ILG-MHD members on a periodic basis usually following the International Conferences. The report is distributed in published form throughout the world.  

To acknowledge outstanding personal achievements, the ILG-MHD graciously bestows the Faraday Medal to deserving individuals recognized for discovery, invention, and as leaders in their profession. The Faraday Medal is an award that was initiated by the ILG in the early 80ís and is recognized around the world as the most prestigious award in the field of MHD science and technology.